Rotary Power SMA

SMA - Radial Piston

SMA radial piston motors are of heavy duty and eccentric configuration. The efficient design includes a hardened high tensile steel crankshaft, supported on hydrostatic and taper roller bearings.

​The SMA can withstand both, high mechanical and high hydraulic shock loads, offering excellent life and continuous high power use. Speed and power ratings are significantly higher than standard high torque low speed (HTLS) motors. The SMA standard models range goes up to 150 to 1.

Product Features

  • Displacements available from 200 to 16,400 cc/rev
  • 350 bar continuous pressure
  • Withstands high peak pressures
  • Minimal no-load pressure drop even at high speed
  • Suitable for use with most hydraulic fluids
  • High power, two speed and rotating case options


Speed Comparition (RPM)


Stump Grinder


Terrain Leveller